DSC - GGV, Hacktoberfest Online Meet & Greet

Hacktoberfest Online Meetup

Saturday October 3, 2020
7:00am to Oct 31, 11:59pm IST
Event is hosted online

Event Description

What is the event all about?

OpenSource has been the biggest revolution that happened in past few years in the software industry and to celebrate the same culture DSC, GGV has come up with an idea to organize a month-long learning-packed OpenSource event with a vision that coincides with the Hacktoberfest's mission.

The next month will be amazing with project contributions, workshops and industry talks along with DSC GGV.

What is Hacktoberfest ?

Hacktoberfest — brought to you by DigitalOcean in partnership with Dev & Intel — is a month-long celebration of open-source software. Maintainers are invited to guide would-be contributors towards issues that will help move the project forward, and contributors get the opportunity to give back to both projects they like and others they've just discovered. No contribution is too small — bug fixes and documentation updates are valid ways of participating.

Can't make it to this online meetup? Hacktoberfest is virtual and open to participants from around the globe. Sign up to participate today.

Rules and Rewards

First, sign up on the Hacktoberfest site at https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com. To qualify for the official limited edition Hacktoberfest shirt, you must register and make four pull requests between October 1-31. Pull requests can be to any public repo on GitHub, not just the ones with issues labelled Hacktoberfest. If a maintainer reports your pull request as spam or spammy behaviour, or not in line with the project’s code of conduct, you will be ineligible to participate.

Connect with other Hacktoberfest participants by using @DigitalOcean, @hacktoberfest, #hacktoberfest on your social media platform of choice.

New to DigitalOcean? Receive USD $100 in infrastructure credit at https://do.co/hacktoberfest100.

Event code of conduct

Hacktoberfest meetups are welcoming, open, and inclusive. Please read our Events Code of Conduct before attending. Happy hacking!

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:


[10.00AM] - Welcome Session
[10.15AM] - Overview of programming and Hacktoberfest code of conduct.
[10.35AM] - Introduction to open source and programs and how to approach them( e.g MLH fellowship, GSoC, etc.)
[10.50AM-11.50AM] - Speaker Notes/Workshop(Occassional Morning Session)
[11.50AM-12.00PM] - Closing Note and Q/A Session

[6.00PM - 7.30PM] - Speaker Notes(Occassional Evening Session)

[7.00AM - 7.00PM] - Opensource Project Contributions All Day

Tentative Timing(In Indian Standard Time)

Links & Resources


Chat platform where all the activities and fun happens.

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Developer Student Club is an initiative by Google that aims to create university-based communities for students interested in Google developer technologies and flourish these communities with a technological mindset and a vision to create-innovate-collaborate to build solutions for a better tomorrow. This club is aimed at inspiring and training students who will encourage other students on their campuses to learn newer areas of technologies that will equip them with the right skill sets as they step out of colleges to join the workforce. Through in-person meetups, university students are empowered to learn together and use technology to solve real-life problems with local businesses and start-ups. As this club is a Global community, everyone has access to reach out or connect with people across the globe, learn things together, solve problems together.