Git hack

Localhost: Code Collaboration with GitHub

Saturday October 24, 2020
9:00am to Oct 25, 9:00pm EAT
Event is hosted online

Event Description

Welcome to MLH Localhost

Localhost is a great way to build your tech skills and hang out with the hacker community. If you'd like to attend the workshop all you need to do is register on this page and check the page again an hour before the event begins. You'll find the link to the Zoom as well as a bunch of resources for the workshop!

This workshop will cover a basic and critical skill for developers: how to collaborate. It will cover critical tools like version control, Git, and GitHub. It also will cover a basic terminology and best practices.

Powered by GitHub

The GitHub platform is an incredibly powerful collaboration tool. Anyone can collaborate on projects using GitHub! In this workshop, participants will create an account, become familiar with the GitHub platform, and use a best practice collaboration workflow to add their hometown to a map of all Localhost participants!

Set up Git locally

Many developers choose to use Git locally on their own computers. Once participants have had the chance to edit the project in the browser, they’ll learn how to do the same thing to a project locally.

Requirements / Prerequisites

Participants will need to be able to create a GitHub account. This workshop can be completed entirely in the browser. No background knowledge is necessary.

The latest version of Google Chrome is the preferred browser for this workshop.

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:


9: 45 am Joining the Zoom platform
10: 00 am Brief Introduction
10: 30 am Git hack starts
11: 30 am Brief Break to relax our selves
12: 00 pm Git hack continues
01: 30 pm Lunch
02: 00 pm Git hack Continues
03: 00 pm End of the Hack
03: 30 pm Question & Answer
04: 00 pm Recap of the Hack
05: 00 pm Final Remarks about GIT & GITHUB
06: 00 pm Closure of the Session

Additional Information

Topics to be covered about Git Hack
01. An Overview of Git and GitHub
02. Getting Started with GitHub
03. Working with Repositories
04. Collaborating Using the GitHub Flow
05. Tracking Issues and Creating Releases
07. Working with Social Features
08. Pull Requests

Links & Resources

Participant Slides - Code Collaboration with GitHub

These are the slides to share with the event attendees. They are available on the registration page after they are checked in.

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Workshop Code - Code Collaboration with GitHub

This repo contains the source code for the workshop. The link is available on the registration page after you check in.

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Hosted by

Daniel Sselugo and Jalaludin Kalumba

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