Somalis in Tech Hackathon 2020

Hacktoberfest Online Meetup

Friday October 23, 2020
6:00pm to Oct 25, 7:00pm UTC+00
Event is hosted online

Event Description

Somalis in Tech Hackathon - Covid Response

Why are we holding a Hackathon?

Ku soo dhawaada (welcome). In light of Hacktoberfest, we invite you to our inaugural Somalis in Tech (virtual) Hackathon for you to share your skills and partake in this exercise for good. Come hang out and work towards solving some of the most pressing real-world problems faced by Somalis and other Black communities. We want you to bring your creativity and ingenuity to what will be an exciting weekend! No contribution is too small, come along and have fun.

We hope through our hackathons we are able to:

  1. Connect the community 🤝
  2. Develop innovative solutions 💡
  3. Make a difference 🌍

This year's hackathon will focus on developing tech solutions to support our fight against COVID-19. The pandemic continues to disproportionately affect Somalis and other Black communities in the diaspora, and the risk of the virus spreading particularly in the African continent at a faster rate continues to rise, which will put further pressure on the fragile and in some circumstances non-existent health service.

We want you to develop an innovative solution to either:

  • Build awareness on the ways to stop the virus spreading
  • Improve patient care and assist in diagnosis
  • Assist in any way your team sees fit and is suited to your skillset

A weekend of creativity, coding and community

This event is open to everyone from all skillsets, backgrounds, technical and non-technical. If you have expertise in any field you think would be useful in developing a solution, please sign up! The aim of the weekend is to create something that will help the community and also benefit you and your career journey through the experience.

Connect with us


Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:


[Oct 19th 2020] [Day 0: Pre-hackathon
- its encouraged teams have a catch up ahead of the opening
- brainstorm]
[Oct 23rd 2020 6:00pm to 7:00pm] [Day 1: Welcome
- hackathon opening
- presentations
- networking, meet other teams]
[Oct 24th 2020 all-day] [Day 2: Hack hack hack
- workshops
- drop-ins
- mentoring]
[Oct 25th 2020 5:00pm to 7:00pm] [Day 3: Show and tell finale
- team presentations and demos
- panel selects the team that has provided a solution with the greatest potential impact ]

Links & Resources


Chat platform where all the activities and fun happens.

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Hosted by

Abshir Ahmed and Jamal Yusuf

We at Somalis in tech are on a mission to increase representation within the tech industry. With the lack of diversity in the sector, our focus is to redress the imbalance by providing a platform which highlights community achievement through tech-related events. We will host talks, discussions and activities, aimed at motivating, empowering and building confidence within the community.