Micro Club does Hacktoberfest!

Hacktoberfest Online Meetup

Thursday October 29, 2020
5:00pm to Oct 31, 9:00pm CET
Event is hosted online

Event Description

Micro Club Winter Hacks Season!

Micro Club does Hacktoberfest 2020!

Important: The event will be on Micro Club Community Public Discord!

For the 3rd year Micro Club is taking part in DigitalOcean's event Hacktoberfest! Join us and contribute to the open source community 🙏🏼 our GitHub repo is now up and open for public contribution 🔥

Once again we would like to remind you that all skill levels are welcome from Youngling the Master.
Come celebrate with us Hacktoberfest 🖥 🎉

How to participate:

1 - Make sure to register your GitHub account for the event the Hacktoberfest site at https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com
2 - Go to GitHub and fork our public repo Hacktoberfest-2k20
3 - Check the "Challenge list" or the Issues section to find interesting tasks!
4 - Make your changes and add your contribution.
5 - Make a Pull Request and that's it!

Our maintainers will review your Pull Request, once it is approved and merged you can check your progress on Hacktoberfest site

New to DigitalOcean? Receive USD $100 in infrastructure credit at https://do.co/hacktoberfest100.

Event code of conduct

Hacktoberfest meetups are welcoming, open, and inclusive. Please read our Events Code of Conduct before attending. Happy hacking!

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:


October 29th The Force Awakens:

- 5:00 P.M: Welcome: opening ceremony.
- 5:05 P.M: Event schedule & event setup.
- 5:10 P.M: Hacktoberfest event presentation.
- 5:15 P.M: Networking and getting to know your fellow hackers.
- 6:00 P.M: chill session/ice break. (Among Us, comics talks, scribble games ..etc)
- 7:00 P.M: Workshop: learn Git with GitKraken.
- 8:45 P.M: show and tell.

October 30th Return of the Jedi:

- 5:00 P.M: recap.
- 5:10 P.M: Workshop: Intro to React.
- 6:45 P.M: Fun activities (house hunters, among us, ...etc).
- 7:15 P.M: talk session.
- 8:15 P.M: demos
- 8:45 P.M: Show and tell.

October 31st The last Jedi:

- 5:00 P.M: recap.
- 5:10 P.M: Workshop: Build apps with Node.js.
- 6:45 P.M: Fun activities (house hunters, among us, ...etc)
- 7:15 P.M: demos
- 7:45 P.M: Show and tell.

The celebration goes on until the end of Hacktoberfest month so, stay on Discord!
-Note : the discord server will always be active, you are the most welcome to tag along when ever you feel like it.

The event will be on Discord: you will get the link once you check-in after your registration!

We will NOT use MatterMost for this event, so you can ignore the link down bellow.

Links & Resources


Chat platform where all the activities and fun happens.

Open link →

Hosted by

Ahmed Islem Mokhtari and 2 others

Founded on March 5th,1985 in Algiers as first scientific club in Algeria. It's been active since then as a nonprofit organization student/hacker club within USTHB. Hackathons, CTF, video game development, open-source tech and IT, we aim to popularize computer science fields among the student community and to all those willing to learn and share their knowledge!