Hack-cade: Battlesnake Tournament

Hackathon Mini-Event

Sunday May 30, 2021
8:30AM to 9:30AM EDT

Event Description

Join your fellow MLHers, as you compete for fame and glory in the Hack-cade Battlesnake Tournament, a multiplayer programming competition based on the classic game - snake!

Whether you are new to coding, or are an experienced developer, the Tournament experience has something for everyone, with an inclusive and welcoming community ready to help support you on your journey into the world of Battlesnake!

The Tournament kicks-off on Sunday, May 30th at 8:30am (ET), so head over to play.battlesnake.com and start building your Battlesnake today!

Requirements / Prerequisites

• A free Battlesnake Account
• A free Replit Account

A basic understanding of APIs and HTTP servers will be helpful but is not required.

Links & Resources

Quick Start Coding Guide
This document walks you through the process of building your first Battlesnake.

Tournament Day Entry Link
This is where you will enter into the tournament arena on Sunday once you have built your Battlesnake.

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:

Hosted by

Emily Akers and 2 others

Battlesnake is a multi-player programming game played by developers all over the world. All you need to play is a live web server that implements the Battlesnake API.