Diversity in Tech Panel

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Thursday July 1, 2021
11:00AM to 12:00PM EDT
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Event Description

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has been a hot topic amongst companies in the last year. We are gathering leaders in technology to discuss their personal journeys as well as how they help to foster diversity in the tech industry.


Lisa Fowler Zelig

Lisa Fowler Zelig is a Production Engineering Manager at Facebook focused on user trust and safety. She supports the Production Engineering teams that empower Facebook's critical Privacy and Integrity infrastructure systems. Lisa weaves her passion for the human experience of technology across 20 years of research, software engineering, site reliability engineering, and systems/network administration. She has worked at startups to medium companies like SAS, to large companies like Google and GE. Lisa is also committed to diversity and inclusion in tech, and making sure that everyone feels supported enough to take risks in their careers.

Dennis Schultz

Dennis Schultz is the Executive Director of the Blacks In Technology Foundation, an organization that boasts the largest network for Black technology professionals. Dennis has over 25 years of experience in tech serving in a variety of roles including, enterprise sales, business development, customer success, and consulting which includes time at tech’s most respected brands, Dropbox, Gartner, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Rackspace Technology, VERITAS Software, APC and HPE. Additionally, Dennis is the founder of SaaS startup PaparazzMe, a mobile service for on demand photography launching in 2021.

Billy Jacobson

Billy Jacobson is entering his 6th year working as an engineer at Google. He works in developer relations on the Cloud Platform database offerings. In his spare time, he educates lqbtq+ people about coding and technology across the internet as the sickeningly entertaining and educational coding drag queen Anna Lytical.

Nick Quinlan (Moderator)

Nick is passionate about helping transform education and creating opportunities for students. Today he serves as Major League Hacking’s Chief Operating Officer, empowering hundreds of thousands of technologists worldwide as they learn skills and start their careers. Outside of work you can find Nick birding, hiking, or on a boat.

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45 min panel
15 min Q&A

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