TechTogether Seattle

TechTogether Hackathon

Saturday November 19, 2022
8:00AM to Nov 20, 6:00PM PDT

Event Description

TechTogether Seattle is a 2-day hackathon for people of marginalized genders hosted by community leaders across Washington. The event will tentatively be held on November 19-20th at the University of Washington. Stay tuned!

Join us for two full days of skill-building and professional development workshops, networking with recruiters, and of course - fun activities like face masks. Each attendee has the option to work with a team to build a project like a website or mobile application with the support of our mentors. Whether it's your first hackathon or your 100th, everyone has something to learn and contribute at this event!

🪴 The theme for this hackathon will be Planting the Seed! 🪴 Inspired by the act of planting and the essence of growth and nurturing, this theme is all about laying the groundwork for your future and hopes for the world. For example, some of you might want to plant the seed for a more sustainable earth.

Who can attend?

Locations have different requirements for who can attend. This location is open to the following:


Workshop Preview!

🌱 Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
🌱 How to Build Your Product Sense
🌱 Breaking into Product Management
🌱 Introduction to Machine Learning w/ Python and Scikit-learn

Links & Resources

TechTogether Gender Inclusivity Policy

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MLH Code of Conduct

All participants, organizers, and partners must agree to the MLH Code of Conduct. Please review it to understand our expectations for the behavior at our events.

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Hosted by

Fiona Whittington and 4 others

TechTogether Seattle is a Chapter of TechTogether, the nation's largest initiative to address the gender inequities in the hackathon community. TechTogether is credited in part with increasing the gender diversity of the hackathon community by 18% to 46% from 2017 to 2022.